Fuzzy Socks and Midnight Clocks by Sherrie Mackelprang


Mom was unstoppable. “Teach your sister what it takes to get a man,” she said to Annie. “A good man.”
Annie grinned at me, failing miserably at hiding the “stinks to be you” look on her face.
Aiming a finger at me, Mom announced, “Lindsey, you have got to get a husband. Stop being yourself.”

Fuzzy Socks and Midnight Clocks is the egotistical, slightly sassy chronicles of Lindsey Jones, a delightful twenty-something “spinster.” In the thick of trying to avoid her mother’s nagging, learn how to cook a meal, and keep her feet (which she thinks are ugly) tucked safely in her closed-toe shoes, Lindsey is stymied when crime and her father’s past find her simultaneously.

A refreshing tale of mystery, romance, and intrigue, Fuzzy Socks and Midnight Clocks is a feel-good, heart-warming story guaranteed to bring a smile to the faces of romance fans of all ages. It serves as a reminder to all of us that no matter what others might think, you can never go wrong by just being yourself!

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