Fur the Win by Milly Taiden


Abby Walker’s life was not what she had imagined it would be. She certainly never expected to find herself divorced and searching for romance, but here she was. Gerri Wilder promised to get her back on her feet by giving her exactly what she needed. Maybe prince charming did exist.

Ben and Roger knew Abby was perfect to complete their triad the moment they saw her. She’s sweet, kind and those curves of hers are making both of them crazy. Now they just need to convince her to take a chance and see how happy she can be. It’s a lot of work to romance a woman not sure about them, but they’re up for the challenge.When

Abby’s ex-husband learns of her new relationship, he’s hellbent on stopping her from making the biggest mistake of her life by any means possible. With her ex-husband once again back in the picture, Abby’s about to get a lesson on who the monsters really are.

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