Forging the Guild by Gray Holborn


Creatures from hell are breaching the human world like never before and it’s up to me and the rest of The Guild to figure out why. Which means one thing: the world is screwed.

When Headmistress Alleva arrives on campus, my life at Headquarters is thrown upside down. After sightings of werewolves close to Guild boundaries have everyone up in arms, recruits are thrust into apprenticeships with prominent teams to help move along graduation rates and get them into the field as soon as possible.

While this sounds good at first, I’m starting to figure out that being a protector isn’t what I always thought it would be. At all. Increased attacks, mixed with a creepy research lab that is anything but trustworthy, leaves me desperate for answers.

And if that doesn’t sound difficult enough, the members of Team Six are making my life miserable and complicated. If the monsters don’t destroy me, Atlas, Wade, Declan, and Eli just might finish the job first.

Kicking ass? Easy. Navigating my new role within The Academy and deciding who can be trusted? Damn near impossible.

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Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

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