Forever Grayson by Heather Young-Nichols


One night with a rockstar three years ago could ruin everything.


It was supposed to be one night then I’d never see her again.
Now she’s back in my life and I realize that she’s what I’ve been longing for.
Then I see something I can’t forget and plan to catch her in her lie.
Get back at her somehow for keeping this from me.
I have money. I have fame.
I’ll use all of it to get what’s mine.
Turns out, I fell in love with her before I knew the feelings existed.
I never let my heart get involved.
Now I don’t want the women who fall all over me.
That’s too easy.
I want the challenge.


Hooking up with Grayson is a memory I keep for myself.
He wasn’t famous then.
Now that everyone knows who he is, I like to think that night was special.
I’ve been kidding myself all this time.
When I get the job of my dreams, I’ll have to work alongside him.
I promise myself that I won’t fall for him because that would be easy to do.
Then something changes.
Something I can’t figure out.
He thinks I’m lying to him.
Whatever it is might cost me everything.

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