Forbidden Trouble 18+ by Travis Casey


Their love cannot be governed by rules and regulations, but the consequences can.

When Tyler Chambers first lays eyes on Darcy there is an instant attraction. There is also an instant violation of Navy policy if they have anything other than a professional relationship. Tyler must confine any lust he has for his lady boss to the corners of his mind.

Darcy Novak is an ambitious, cultured woman trying to make it in a man’s world. She’s determined to prove she can cut it as an officer in charge of repairing nuclear submarines, despite some colleagues’ negative attitudes and wanting her to fail. What she needs is an ally.

Tyler’s efforts to fly under the radar catch Darcy’s attention and he becomes her unlikely collaborator. As the attraction grows stronger, the passion is unavoidable and clandestine meetings become sordid. But when a co-worker is after Tyler’s affection, he is forced into a web of lies. His quick thinking leads him to outsmarting himself, putting everything in jeopardy.

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