Forbidden Roses by Sienne Vega


He’s the one guy I’m supposed to stay away from. Salvatore Mancino walks around with bruises on his knuckles and blood on his hands. Dangerous. Brooding. Loner. And the son of the most powerful mafia boss in the city. As the daughter of the district attorney, I shouldn’t go near him. When our paths keep crossing, lines start blurring. Everything about us is so wrong, so bad, yet feels so good. But my father won’t stop ‘til he tears us apart. I’m learning what’s forbidden always comes with a price.

She’s off limits, but I’ll make her mine, anyway. Delphine Adams is the type of girl who thinks good always triumphs over evil. Smart. Rule-abiding. Idealistic. She’s the perfect daughter of my sworn enemy: the law. A violent psycho like me should stay away from someone so pure. Unfortunately, the last thing I do is follow rules. I’m out for revenge on the DA and his war on crime. My plan is simple: use her to destroy him. The DA has no clue who he’s really dealing with. I’m going to take everything he has, including his daughter.

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