Forbidden Fables: A Fairytale Fusion Anthology


What happens when two worlds intertwine?

Once upon a twisted time, our favorite tales collided.

Chased and hunted by her people, Red learns the villagers are not the only thing that wants her dead by nightfall, Bastion lurks in the shadows, famished.

Clara Nieves can’t lie. What was meant to be a gift, bestowed upon her turned out to be a curse.

Goldie is thrust into a new world of intoxicating secrets and hidden splendor.

Rumpelstiltskin isn’t a man. He’s a monster lurking in the shadows. All he wants is to break Millie, to make her kneel. But she’s going to make a deal with the devil. And many more stories that must be told.

Seven romance authors have drawn together to bring you seven completed mashup fairytales. Two souls that follow their desires in a forbidden fable.

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