Flawed Bride by Blake York


I was ordered to take Zoey as my bride.
But fact is, I wanted to bind her to me in all ways.
Now she’s slapped divorce papers in front of me and told me to get out.

Except she’s in trouble, and it’s a given that I’ll protect what’s mine.
Even if she doesn’t want me to.
What I discover is a depth to my wife that I never imagined, and now I can’t sign those papers or let her go.
Until I find out she’s betrayed me.

The blackest hearts still beat…and mine drums with revenge against the people trying to end my family’s reign.
And my disobedient wife will find out what my brand of punishment really is.
She’s about to learn another truth about me—I always get what I want, and right now, that’s her.

A bride in more trouble than she can handle…and the man who can show her just how far he is willing to go for her. Lord help her, she wants to give up all the control to him too.

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