Five Years Later by Fei Marie Perez


She has a wedding to plan. He has a wedding to prevent.

Danielle Morgan thought she had found her soulmate in Samuel Clarke. He was the perfect man. Kind, charming, funny, trustworthy… She was pretty sure they would be walking down the aisle eventually.

Samuel Clarke had never loved a woman as much as he loved Danielle. She was his partner in crime, his confidant, his other half. He believed the two of them had it all… until he realized she wanted to take the next step.

Scared of making such a big commitment, Samuel gets cold feet and walks away.

Five years later, he is invited to Danielle’s wedding… to his best friend.

Danielle has finally moved on. Zach is the reliable man she never knew she needed, and she is ready to marry him and start a family. The only problem? Samuel Clarke is on the guest list.

Eager to help, he assists with the wedding preparations, spending more time with Danielle than she would have liked.

She can tell that something has changed in him, and something in her has not.

He seems ready to fight for her, and she still loves him.

Is it too late to call off this wedding and plan a new one?

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