First Shift by Mia Taylor


I wanted her—even if she was a mortal and I was a nothing shifter.

I’d have one drink and be gone.

At least that’s what I told myself—but I didn’t expect Lisa to walk through the door.

She was a blonde vision and I was a fool to think it could work.

I loved Lisa the best way I knew how.

I could have done without lying to her, pretending to be a cop.

But she couldn’t know the truth about me.

And I had suspicions of my own.

Especially when Lisa announced her pregnancy.

Then Lisa did the unthinkable and a new rage took hold.

I found a new love, my mate, the curvy and alluring Stella, a true shifter.

With her guidance, I will take what is rightfully ours…

Even if it means hurting my daughter to get it.

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