First Ink by Amy L. Gale


Master tattoo artist, Vic Steele, dominates the local scene with his reputation for flawless designs and after hour activities. He avoids relationships lasting more than a few hours and sets his sights on breaking out of this college town and opening a shop in Miami.

Hailey Matthews is ready to leave her college days behind her except for one last hoorah, getting matching tattoos with her sorority sisters by the best artists in the Tri-state area at Steele Ink.

After passing out twice a few minutes into the tattoo, Vic Steele refuses to touch her skin again, at least not with the tattoo gun. When she shows up at his shop day after day demanding he finish the tattoo he finally agrees with one stipulation, she goes out to dinner with him.

They both get more than they bargained for when their feelings take them by surprise and Hailey finds herself in the midst of the full Vic Steele experience, but Vic’s playboy status comes back to haunt him threating to ruin it all.

Will Hayley’s first ink be her last or will Vic leave a permanent scar?

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