Fire by Amber Moore


“I didn’t see you there. I won’t let you fall.”

He only offers those sentences. No apology, nothing else.

Just a sentence from a voice laced with dark secrets.

Emily Walker has always strived to live a simple life. Orphaned at a young age, she has learned to suppress her deepest desires. Since leaving the foster home, she has created a safe life for herself. She works as a chef in a 5-star restaurant that is kind enough to supply housing for its staff, and she is in love with the kindest, gentlest, and safest man she could ever meet. Emily convinces herself that this is all she needs; she doesn’t allow herself to dream of a different kind of life.

But a different kind of life is waiting. When she loses her job at the restaurant, she gets a job proposal in her inbox asking her to work as a chef in a private residence. Desperate to restore some stability in her life, Emily hits the accept button without thinking it through. She has no clue that she has just signed a contract that will leave her under the control of a mysterious man who wants to make her his own.

“Just this once I’ll let Emily Smithson go. But this will be the last time.”

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