Feels Like Love by Weston Parker


I’m trying to sell my goods, but ain’t nobody buying.

It’s a gym innovation that’s going to make me a billionaire.

And my buddy said to hire a consultant to help out.

So I did. And this girl is every hot dream I’ve had since I was a boy.

Here’s the rub—she’s bossy as hell.

I want to work harder, but she wants me to work smarter. Plus, she’s got all sorts of rules I need to play by.

I’m the poster child for rule-breakers. This is NOT going well.

In the middle of the drama, wedding season hits and all my friends are tying the knot. Suckers.

Unfortunately, I need a date for the festivities.

She suggests herself so she can keep cracking the whip.

It’s hard to tell her no when all I want to do is say yes—to any and all things with this woman.

Then people start mistaking her for my fiancée, and I’m stuck.

She agrees to play along IF I follow her rules. Whatever. As long as she keeps dressing up, I’m down to try.

So we’re faking it, until I’m not.

Maybe it’s her smile or her curves or her bossiness. Hell, maybe all these weddings are getting to me.

Either way, I’m not pretending with her anymore.

This thing feels like love—namely because it is.

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