F*ck Boy by Penelope Wylde


This mountain man is about to show this mother-to-be how a real man claims his soulmate.

Mountain man and former Navy SEAL Mac Becker was the perfect steamy one-night stand. I mean Lover’s Cove had no problem living up to its name when the Marine rolled in for a little fun between the sheets.

No numbers, no strings.

And it all worked perfectly. Until the doctor threw the words surprise baby into the mix.

Life in foster care taught me trusting strangers was a bad idea, but when I find out my one-time fling left me with a surprise, I have no choice but to hunt down my baby’s father.

But can I trust the mountain man with my news? With my body, no doubt, but when I hand him my heart and soul for safe keeping will he trample over it or claim me and keep me safe for forever?

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