Fated Sight by Skye Malone


She spends her nights watching the world burn. He’s the only one who can help her fight the flames.

Hayden: I’ve witnessed the end of the world more times than I can count—right before I wake up screaming. But Ragnarok is supposed to be a myth. Just a terrible story that ruins my nights but has no place in the light of day. It’s not. The revelation has shattered the relative peace of my life as a lone wolf raised by humans and forced me into the last course of action I’d ever choose—asking for help from the silver-eyed star of my nightmares. Connor Thorsen. My opposite. While I do everything in my power to avoid all reminders of my shifter heritage, he would do anything to protect his pack—the pack he’s destined to lead. Despite the undeniable connection I feel to him, it doesn’t change the facts: I’m not his mate, and I don’t want this life. If only I could convince my inner wolf to agree…

Connor: I’ve always known that fated mates are nothing more than pretty fairy tales—romantic nonsense to ignore—just like I’ve always known my father’s apocalyptic preparations were rooted in paranoia, not reality. I was wrong about both. And Hayden McIntyre is the proof. The moment I saw her, my wolf tried to claw its way to her, this stubborn, intoxicating woman who somehow makes me feel both more human and more animal than I believed was possible. Neither of us asked for this. Neither wants to accept it. But we’re not in control. Our wolves are, and if they get their way, nothing will stand a chance at tearing us apart. Not even the damn apocalypse.

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