Falling Princess by Joline Pearce


She’ll risk everything for freedom.
Zosia: I never asked to be a princess. Never wanted it. But nobody asks me what I want out of life, because not a single person cares.

Not my father.

Not my best friend, Raina.

Not my mentor, Cata.

Definitely not my new guard. He’s Raina’s childhood crush and close companion. I’m a means to an end for him. Nothing more.

My life is not my own. Yet it’s the only one I have, and I’m determined to claim some part of it for myself before I’m forced into a marriage I don’t want and shackled to my throne.

I’m determined to get an education abroad, if for no other reason than as a distraction from court. From war, which I am to know nothing about. Kept in the dark. Watched. Protected…until I’m not.

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