Falling Into You by Fern Fraser


Will the protective stranger break her heart or become her one shot at finding true love?

Being a princess is certainly a privilege, but also exhausting if you’re an introvert like me.
I escape to my friend’s farm whenever I can, as it’s the only place I can be myself. The animals don’t judge me, they simply love me for feeding them tasty treats.

Only this visit, I’m not alone. I’m sharing the farmhouse with a handsome, tattooed Viking. His coal dark gaze makes me feel things I have no right to feel, but will the silent, wounded stranger stick around when he discovers who I am?

I traveled to the end of the earth in search of solitude, but my plans change when a smart mouthed woman on horseback rides into my life.

The sassy, curvy beauty wears a secret type of smile. Part nymph and part Mona Lisa, she’s one hundred percent temptation, but she’s too good for a damaged ex-soldier like me.

But when the Secret Service turns up wanting to know if I’m her new bodyguard, what can I say, but… yes of course.
She is off limits …. but it won’t stop me falling for her and I’ll do anything to make her mine.

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