Falling Hearts by Aria Bliss


Getting left at the altar isn’t the worst thing that can happen. Try getting dumped forty-eight hours after saying I do.

Joseph thought he found the love of his life when he was eighteen. When he married her two years later, he was ready to start a long life of happiness with her. But before they got a chance to start a life together, she left after they had their first fight. No goodbye. No chance to make things right. No return date given. She was gone.To make matters worse, they eloped in secret. He couldn’t even turn to his family and friends for support. When Mary Beth returns to their small hometown ten years later, Joseph can’t keep it secret any longer. Angry and hurt by how she left, he announces that they’re married in front of her entire family.  Even  if it pisses her off—and it does—he wants the world to know they once promised to belong to each other. Now that she’s back, he wants to keep her for good.

Mary Beth has gotten good at running. Especially when things get a little tough. At the first sign of trouble, she ran from the one person she loved more than anything—her husband, Joseph. Now, she’s on the run again. Only this time she ran home. After leaving Joseph, she poured everything into her career. She never imagined a small town girl like herself could make it into the big leagues as a French pastry chef. Following this career path hadn’t been her plan, but she excelled at it and advanced quickly. She also hadn’t planned on the level of stress involved with the fast paced life of a chef. She comes home to escape the stress of her career only to be hit with more stress. Facing Joseph is the most difficult challenge she’s faced yet, but it’s past time they put an end to their failed marriage and move on with their lives. But her mother has other plans for her and Joseph.

Forced to attend a marriage counseling Bootcamp by their meddling mothers, Joseph and Mary Beth have no choice but to face their intense chemistry. Things quickly heat up between them—both inside and outside the bedroom—and if they learn to let go of their past mistakes, they might just fall in love all over again.

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Contemporary Romance

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