Falling for You by Hunter J. Keane


Brooklyn Monroe is doing just fine, thank you very much. She’s running the family business in her hometown and enjoying spending time with her nieces and nephew. Sure, she wouldn’t mind finding a special someone with whom she could spend the long nights, but Brooklyn’s not in any rush to settle for someone that doesn’t make her heart race. Then Wyatt Hudson comes into her café.

Wyatt grew up in Starlight Valley. He wrote his first songs in that town, sitting next to a beautiful girl that captured his heart. But a tragedy tore them apart and it’s been eight years since Wyatt has seen Brooklyn. He’s gone on to have a wildly successful career as a musician and traveled all over the world, making an insane amount of money along the way. Despite all his achievements, there is one thing missing in Wyatt’s life that he no longer wants to live without.

Brooklyn has no desire to become part of Wyatt’s world of fame and excess. She knows that being with Wyatt would mean risking a heartache that might never fade. When Wyatt asks her to help him find his voice again, Brooklyn can’t say no. Deep down, she can’t keep running from the only person that’s ever made her want to settle down. As Wyatt opens his world – and his heart – to Brooklyn, he reveals a deep secret that has the potential to destroy their second chance at a happy ending.

Will love truly conquer all, or will Brooklyn decided that protecting her own heart might mean breaking his?

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