Faking it with the Demon by Rhiannon Hartley


A fake girlfriend…

…from Hell?

Jilted by his fiancée, Ryan joked that a fake girlfriend would get his well-meaning family off his back. But he didn’t mean it. He wasn’t expecting his buddy to grant his wish like a damn genie in a bottle.

Torturing the souls of the damned?

Not as much fun as it sounds.

Zoephus wants out of Hell. She’s willing to make a deal for the chance to escape. How hard could it be to play the fake girlfriend of a human, anyway?

For a demonic fake girlfriend, Zoephus isn’t what Ryan expected. Since when are demons gorgeous, oddly polite, and hilariously ignorant of the modern world? He just hopes she won’t break his coffee machine. Or his heart.

Bound together for fifty days, the lines of real and pretend begin to blur, emotions inevitably get involved, and yearnings intensify. But when truths and vulnerability are laid bare, hearts could be left shattered.

Can a heart moulded in the flaming depths of Hell truly love?

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