Fake It For Now by Weston Parker


It’s time to fake it for the public.

Selling love hasn’t given me the upper hand on love yet.

But romance is messy and inconvenient.

I’m interested in passion and pleasure. The rest is overrated.

Unfortunately, a recent round of internet rumors might kill my billion-dollar business.

Time to make a change. To look like the kind of guy that is interested in commitment.

A fake fiancée for a month should prove to the clients that I’m not the playboy everyone thinks I am.

What they don’t know won’t hurt them. Besides, my private life is, well, private!

Luckily enough, this beautiful, curvy woman that takes the job wants something in return.

Games are so fun when played correctly.

She’ll be my fake anything as long as I use her family’s roses for all of my events.

Done. Valentine’s will never be the same.

And who cares about the future? Let’s just fake it for now?

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