Fake It For Love by Weston Parker


My fake date is accidentally the girl I helped on prom night years ago.

How these things happen, I’ll never know.

I just need a fake date for my ex-girlfriend’s wedding.

No way I’m going to it alone. And let her think she got the best of me? Nope.

I’m happier single anyway. I have my company, my billions, and my planes.

But back to the drama…

I hire a girl to help me pretend my love life is put together, but she happens to be a blast from the past.

We never dated, but I was there on prom night when her life fell apart. And being the good guy I am, I let her cry on my shoulder.

But she’s not a girl anymore. And something about her has me wanting to break all the rules and give in.

I’m falling hard, but her? She’s still faking it for love.

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