Fake Fiancé Boss by Annabelle Love


My Ex: I’m getting married.
Me: Yeah? Well, me too!

I just claimed I’m engaged.
Now I can’t show up at the year’s biggest gala as a plus-none.
I need to find a fiancé…fast.

And guess who needs one too? My new boss.
Lucas Wyman…
The cocky prick who hired me to fix his public image.

Apparently his next big business deal hinges on looking wholesome.
Well guess what? He’s anything but.

This is the man who insulted me at the Christmas Party.
Then had the nerve to kiss me!
An infuriating, panty-igniting kiss.

I don’t know if it was his strong hands, or commanding touch.
But he makes me hate myself for wanting more.

Now he needs my help to prove he’s a family man…
This is my chance to score a fake fiancé.
He gets what he needs. I get what I want.

There’s no way this could go wrong…
Cause I’ll never fall for my boss.

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