Exception by Angel Devlin


The first time we met at my father’s party, I told movie star Tobias London he could go do something to himself, something anatomically impossible.

It wasn’t his fault. Just a case of wrong place, wrong time, dramatic family drama occurring.

It should have put him off, watching me acting like a brat. But months later I get a text.

It’s amazing what people will do for a movie star. Except you. I have a feeling you’d make me work for it. You’ve been on my mind since you left. So what do you say, want to play?

Hmm, that decision took me about three seconds. Be bored alone in Bel Air or go play with a hot guy? Hours later I’m on a plane.

I’m expecting bedroom fireworks with Toby. What I’m not expecting is to feel a connection… and for Toby to feel it too.

But it’s a case of bad timing for both of us and, unable to commit to anything beyond those few days, we part company and wait to see if fate brings us back together.

Now it’s three years later and he’s back, hiring my events company to host his party. But things are different, and I have a strict rule I refuse to break—I don’t date clients.

But maybe Toby is the one exception I can allow myself to make.

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