Enemies to Hero by Jo Grafford


He likes to fix people, and she likes to fix horses, but there’s no fixing the bad history between them. It’s almost as if they were born to fight…or at least to walk that really fine line between hatred and love.

Benjiro Taniguchi has been toying with the idea of opening his own physical therapy practice after leaving the Army. Lately, however, his big-city plans have been overshadowed by his regrets about the small-town girl who got away. When one of his old Army buddies calls with an unexpected job offer, he jumps at the chance to see what the buzz is all about at Anderson Ranch. Not to mention it’ll place him in the same town as the woman he can’t quit thinking about.

Elara Corrigan puts family first. Someone has to, because her parents have always been far too wrapped up in their careers and social lives to be, well…present. But being the glue that holds her sisters together doesn’t keep her from wondering how much happiness she forfeited when she turned down Ben’s marriage proposal all those years ago.

Now he’s back — older, wiser, and hotter than ever. If only the sparks flying between them were an automatic fix to the old wounds being opened. Just like the last time, though, she gets the feeling that someone or something is working really hard to ensure they remain enemies. Someone who clearly doesn’t understand just how much opposites attract…

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