Enchanted In Time by Nikki Lynn Barrett


A haunted house? A figment of her imagination? Or could it be something much more?

Still reeling from a tragedy, Roxanne Ferris takes a summer job as a caregiver to bestselling author Claudette Grayson. The ailing woman doesn’t have long to live, but wants to spend the rest of her days in the house she’s fond of.

Roxanne and Claudette bond over enchanting stories of fictional characters that feel so real. It’s the perfect escape for both women who carry haunting memories. But when mysterious things happen, Roxanne questions her sanity, especially when she begins seeing one of the fictitious characters in the house. Not only does she see him, but he speaks to her.

Who is the mysterious stranger? What’s his story? This summer could go one way or the other- bringing peace and closure, or destroying what’s left of two women’s tormented minds.

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