Eating Kandy by Penelope Wylde


Tricks and treats never were my kind of thing. And insta-love? Nah. That’s the real trick. Now, if you ask me about insta-lust? Well then… I might say give me a double slice of that with a whipped cream topping.

He’s that kind of crazy gorgeous. Deep brown eyes, muscles for days and long thick…everything.

When the tall, bearded and broad-shouldered Marine walks into my diner Halloween night I stay firm to my no-man rules, but he’s armed with a sweet treat kind of offer—one weekend, no strings, and pumpkin pie.

It’s hard to say no to the beast of a man now that the nights are getting cooler and the fireplace beckons.

And the worst thing? His wicked tongue knows how to get me to agree to just about anything.

But a forever? It has to be a trick, but he’s promising me only sweet, autumn nights as long as he can have all the Kandy he can eat.

Author’s naughty note: Pumpkin pie, warm snuggles and all the whipped cream you can handle await you inside. He’s the Marine and she’s the sweet virgin treat welcoming him home. As always with a Penelope Wylde book, you’ll get the filthy, naughty bits you crave with the perfect happily ever after you love.

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