Easter Cookie by Liz Gavin


Sinful weekends in Vegas have never been this fun.

Natalie: Thinking outside the box has gotten my business to the top. Few companies can put together an event with the jaw-dropping quality I deliver. I’ll be damned if I let Mr. Stephen Know-it-All Clark steal this potential client from me. We might have this ‘frenemies with benefits’ thing going, but I’ll outbid his proposal and kick his perfect behind without breaking my stride. Or my designer stilettos. All I’ve got to do is not get distracted by his rippling six-pack. That should be easy. Right? Yeah, right.

Steve: Getting the Sexy & Sinful Spa & Resort account is the difference between expanding or filing for bankruptcy. My partner has just visited the resort. She made personal connections with the general manager and brought back invaluable suggestions. We’ve put together the perfect proposal and a killer presentation. What could go wrong? Famous last words. All I’ve got to do is not get distracted by Ms. Natalie Todeschini. Too bad her curves have been my downfall since high school. Too darn distracting. That should be easy. Right? Yeah, right. What if what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay there?

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