Earth Resistance Box Set: Books 1-3 by Theresa Beachman


Surviving the alien invasion was only the beginning … with civilization destroyed, humanity’s last chance lies with the resistance, a group of fierce survivors, fighting from a hidden cold-war bunker in the south of England.

Former SAS officer Garrick lives for vengeance. But when his team picks up a fading emergency transmission his world collides with feisty Dr. Anna Ward, a bio-engineer who’s created technology that could defeat the aliens. Protecting the research scientist while escorting her to safety wasn’t in Garrick’s plans, but his sense of duty won’t let him leave her with her life in peril. With time running out, Anna is forced to accept the help of the rugged soldier to make sure her vital research is put in the right hands. As they escape across devastated London, their battle with the invaders heats up almost as fast as the fiery attraction between them.

Previously an undercover police officer, Ben Sawyer helps weapons scientist Julia Simmons across the alien-infested landscape of London to the safety of the underground Command Base. He falls hard for her brilliant mind and dangerous curves. But Julia doesn’t believe there’s time for romance in the aftermath of the invasion and makes Sawyer promise they won’t fall in love. Sawyer agrees to Julia’s terms, but as events escalate and an unexpected alien mutation threatens the very heart of the base, they may not survive each other’s dark secrets. The question then becomes, who will be the first to admit to love?

Violet was one the British army’s top snipers, when the world as she knew and loved was destroyed. Traumatized, she struggles to find a reason to live beyond waging guerrilla warfare against the hated alien invaders. When a routine mission to collect medical supplies goes awry she has no option but to rely on the help of enigmatic Nathan Darr, the lone wolf who abandoned her team in the midst of an alien attack. Forced to work together, the combination of his abilities and her accuracy makes a formidable team as bullets and sparks fly. But the secret between them is a constant threat and as the barriers between them come down, it’s only a matter of time before it will explode.

The first three stand-alone romances in the Earth Resistance series.

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