Drive Me Crazy by Jeré Anthony


A grumpy boss and a sunshiney mess of an employee forced on a cross-country road trip… what could possibly go wrong?

Elliot James is a mess. All she wants is to find her dream job… and actually keep it, but her crippling anxiety disorder always seems to get in the way.

Benjamin Williams is content. He’s got all he needs in his business, and he’s not looking for any complications — no matter how beautiful one like Elliot may be.

Fumbling her way into her first big break, Elliot lands a job at Benjamin’s company and will have to fight for her seat at the table… especially after almost killing someone on the first day. Her wild idea to expand their portfolio with Instagram Influencers and her accidental airplane freakout, lands Elliot and her grumpy boss, Benjamin, on the No Fly list. In a mad rush to seal the deal, they’ll have to take their business trip on the road… let’s just hope they can both make it home in one piece.

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