Dreaming of Hanukah
Joanne Dannon


Curl up by the fire with a sufganyiot (donut) or two, with your favourite drink and celebrate the magic of Hanukah with these THREE linked, heart-warming stories about love, hope and family.


A Magical Hanukah in New York: Lisa Sassoon has shunned the scandal of her loser ex-boyfriend cheating on her by escaping to New York. Gabe Olivari, entrepreneur and savvy business New Yorker, can’t let go of the pain of losing his best friend. Can a dash of Hanukah magic help Lisa and Gabe realise that sparkling dates and dreamy kisses can lead to more? Perhaps even a lifetime of happiness?


Another Magical Hanukah in New York: For Ben Sassoon, the pain and anger of the long-ago heartbreak are still fresh. Kate Silver never meant to hurt him, but Ben was part of the past she’d needed to escape. But the magic of Hanukah brings a renewal of Kate’s faith and pride in her heritage. Can it also bring a renewal of the love she once shared with Ben?


Yet Another Magical Hanukah in New York: After the shock of discovering her long-term boyfriend cheating on her, Becky Sassoon trades the Australian summer for a month in snowy New York, where she can focus on her future as a writer. She’s sworn off long-term relationships for now…though a vacation fling wouldn’t be amiss. When she meets Jules Olivari, a handsome, charming, intelligent New Yorker, he seems like the perfect distraction. Not only has he a reputation for charming women, he apparently has no interest in settling down. Jules never expected to meet someone like Becky, and he’s never committed to a long-term relationship before. He doesn’t want to hurt Becky, the woman he’s now accidentally fallen for. Can a dash of Chanukah magic open both their hearts to love?

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