Dream F*#k’s And Hard Drives by T.L Wainwright


My name is Imogen Lovell and there are currently five things that are relevant in my life.
1. Job – Enjoyable.
2. Family – Parents can be a little embarrassing.
3. Friends – Limited, but I have two of the very best.
4, Sleeping issues – Erotic and sexually heated dreams, causing disruption to normal sleep pattern.
5. Sex life – In reality… non-existent (please see item 4 for further clarification).

At least there was only five until Finn Burke came to work at my employers on a short-term contract.
He’s an arrogant arsehole with the body of a Facebook hot hunk posting. I loathed him from the moment I saw him, with his egotistic, la-dee-da attitude. Looking down his nose and trying his best to humiliate me.
I will not be the butt of his jokes.
I feel a throat punch coming on.
So, if I dislike him so much, why has the faceless man in my dreams morphed into him?
I need to add an additional data entry…
6. Finn Burke – Kill him or shag him?

Fun, sexy romantic comedy with a twist.

The author’s mix of comedy, serious moments and hot sex blend together perfectly.

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