Dr. Connor by Lily London


Billionaires like him have women dripping off them. James Connor is no different.

I can’t even imagine falling for those eyes….that body…his seductive charm.
I was powerless to resist. One night isn’t going to make me fall for him. It’s just sex…right? It’s not like I’m ever going to see him again.
I’m an aspiring artist. Paying my dues isn’t easy.
James Connor was a mistake. Sleeping with him was a mistake.
I’m not saying it wasn’t good…it was great…almost like he knew what to say and what to do. It’s just that he has become this obsession.
I can’t stop thinking about him.
Commitment is a four-letter word. It’s not like either of us are looking for more.
Why do I want him so much? That heavy sexual tension follows us around.
I will do anything to feel that way again no matter the cost. Is my life too much of a sacrifice?
Can I truly find happieness with him when my world is falling apart?

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Steamy or Erotic Romance

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