Down to the Bone by Pj Fernor


Two best friends murdered at the same time. A husband, A boyfriend, and an ex all being questioned. That’s when threatening notes begin showing up and the case takes a twist nobody ever saw coming.

It’s Halloween time in the small town of Sandemor. The biggest problem is supposed to be how to organize the town’s Halloween parade. That all changes when a nosy woman calls about seeing a mysterious figure across the street from her house. A quick search reveals two murdered women. Best friends both with checkered pasts, leaving Detective Allie Down to think that maybe this case will be a quick one to solve. Which is good because she has the mayor breathing down her neck over the parade. That’s when everything changes. The suspects in question have alibis. And Allie finds a threatening note on her vehicle. Someone is watching. Someone is plotting. Someone is waiting for the right moment to strike. When Allie then discovers a cold case from decades ago that had a similar crime scene as the current case, she begins to realize that this isn’t going to be a simple ‘crime of passion’ as she once thought. A killer from years ago is back and has struck again. Allie calls in another detective who specializes in cold cases to help. There’s just one big problem. It might be too late. Another threatening note is left for Allie… and now everything she loves and cares for is at risk.

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Romantic Suspense

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