Double Team by Dee Ellis


Rafe and Tate have been best friends since they joined the Marines a lifetime ago. After fighting side-by-side they decide not to break up the team when they start driving for Foxtrot Freight. They are hard to take alone let alone teamed up together but it’s how they come.

Together or not at all.

Not just on the road but with women.

It’s been impossible to find a woman right for either of them because they share everything–including their pleasure.

Rachel Quince is a hell of a mechanic but all the guys at her shop care about is her rear end. The only guys who crank her gears are the two big beautiful men she shamelessly flirts with every chance she gets. She suspects they come as a pair and as much as she’d like to be a third wheel on their ride, she doubts she can be enough for both of them.

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