Doctor Temptation by Syd Ryan


When Grace Walters lands her first job as the newest case manager at Rhode Island’s Eastport General hospital, she didn’t expect her father to be appointed CEO. To her surprise, he also decides to hire her brother and his best friend Hayden, whose arrogance overshadows the fact he is one hundred percent her type. Despite her desire to focus on her career as a social worker, as she and Hayden spend more time together she feels drawn to him the same way the dragstrip and fast cars call to her. Hayden’s supposed to be off limits, and she holding onto secrets that will either destroy her relationship with her brother or her future.

For six years, “The City That Never Sleeps” has been Hayden’s home. When the opportunity to oversee his own department with his best friend at his side is offered, he returns to his hometown. His one distraction? Grace Walters. His friends’ terms were crystal clear: his sister is a hard no. But her luscious curves, enticing body, and sincere personality aren’t so easily ignored. She is no longer the kid he left behind when he went to college, but pursuing her might be the end of his longest friendship.

Will they be able to resist Temptation?

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