Doctor Heartbreak by D.M. Davis


I’m intimately familiar with the brain, but it’s the heart that’s giving me trouble.

I found her in a bar.
Red hair and a rocking body teasing me with promises her eyes threaten to keep.
She marked me without saying a word.
Tattooed her name on my soul.
One night was all we had.
Come morning she was gone.

Eight months later, I find my redheaded temptress on my gurney, holding a little boy like he’s her lifeline.
Turns out he’s her nephew, and the only promises she’s capable of keeping are those made to her dead sister.

We may have started out as a drunken romp, but I’ve no intention of letting that be all we are.
I want more than one night.
I want forever.

When Dani wakes up in the ER, the man of her fantasies staring down at her, can she find room for him among her family obligations, or will she run as fast as she can, living for others instead of herself?

Dani, my little runner, I’m coming for you. Hold tight, baby. It’s going to be a bumpy ride, one we’ll never forget, one we’ll tell our grandchildren about.

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