Dirty Vengeance by Zoe Beth Geller


Francesca: I’ve become a creature of vengeance. When my father, Don Conti was murdered and a new Don takes over the family business, I knew I couldn’t just go on. Payment must be made… In blood. So I put on my prettiest mask and decide to take a life. I just didn’t expect to end up in his bed.

Sal: When a beautiful woman follows me, I’m usually flattered. But not when she is Francesca, the daughter of my slain enemy. She’s also the woman who intrigues me no end. When she catches me off guard, bent on ending me, and thwarted- I own her life… and her fate. And her fate is in my hands. She’s intriguing, yet she’s trained to kill and I find it’s a turn-on. How can this woman get to my heart when everyone else failed? My connection with this Mafia princess may destroy me, or we may destroy everyone in our path.

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Romantic Suspense

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