Dirty Play by Amy Olle


Forbidden fruit never tasted so sweet.

Haven Callahan.

Reformed party girl.

Perpetual f*ck up.

…And the new owner of the Milwaukee Renegades professional hockey team.

When Haven strikes a hasty trade deal, she discovers her new star forward and the sexy groomsman she hooked up with at a friend’s wedding are one and the same man. But if she wants to save the sinking franchise, she’ll have to keep her hands off the team merchandise—Jack.

Should be easy enough since he’s staring her down like she’s an annoying nick on the bottom of his skate blade.

Jack Nolan.

Hockey hero.

Beloved veteran player.

…And not the least bit interested in taking orders from the Puck Princess who just became his new boss.

At thirty-two, this season could be Jack’s last shot at the Stanley Cup. But instead of landing a spot on his dream team, he winds up playing for the last-place Renegades and their non-existent fan base in a rundown stadium named after crappy pizza.

One reckless night with a smoking hot bridesmaid and suddenly he could lose everything he’s worked for.

He can’t let that happen.

He won’t let it happen.

If this is his last shot to become a champion, nothing—and no one—is going to stand in his way. Especially not his new boss.

No matter how badly he wants to melt the ice with her after hours…

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