Dirty Bargain by Zoe Beth Geller


When Prende Rama’s father, Argon, dies under mysterious circumstances all signs point towards Florence’s rising power–the Michelis. She desperately wants to find an answer. . . and her search for them leads her to the undeniably handsome youngest Micheli brother, Marchello.
Marchello Micheli serves as yet another reason to avoid the family given his reputation with the jet-set life filled with models and luxuries she’s never known. He also has a reputation for being the ‘legit’ brother who works underground with illicit gambling. But when he continues to turn up when she least expects it she wonders what he knows of the world her father hid from her.
Marchello is the go-to guy in the family and when Argon’s death isn’t what it seems, and his daughter Prende continues to ask questions, it’s making it more difficult for him to keep one step ahead of her. His most important job right now is to make sure Dante’s wedding goes off without a hitch. But with Prende snooping around he decides to hire her to make the flower arrangements for the wedding to keep an eye on her. But when he discovers an undeniable attraction to his slain enemy’s daughter things get more complicated.
All the heads of the families are coming to the wedding and they will break bread under one roof so everything must go as planned. But Marchello can’t keep his hands off the gorgeous Prende who is stepping into a dark world she knows nothing about.
More importantly, can the two survive their thorny forced marriage bonded on the quest for the truth behind the dramatic events that seem to follow them? Will Marchello break his scorn for love and relationships after they give into their carnal desires?

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Romantic Suspense

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