Dirty Alliance by Peyton Banks (Audiobook)


The cockier they are, the harder they fall….

Myles Burton was a former Army Rancher serving on the Columbia SWAT team. He had mastered the art of working under extreme pressure. Each day he fought alongside his brothers in blue to fight crime and had no time for distractions.

No matter how sexy she looked handling a gun.

Roxxy Sutton was sent to audit the SWAT team. Her company was hired due to the influx of accusations of police brutality across the nation. She and her team were to ensure that Columbia’s finest had sound protocols and stuck to them. Pouring through procedure manuals just wasn’t as exciting as the tall, dark, and handsome cop.

Trouble seems to follow Myles where ever he goes. When trouble comes for Roxxy, there is no man more qualified to protect her.

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