Devlin by Angela K Parker


He’s been warned, but she’s worth the risk. 

Devlin Hughes is a businessman first, and a charmer second. With his sights on a big promotion, he just has to follow one rule: don’t fraternize with his coworkers. But when his sexy, shrewd coworker suddenly becomes available, his ambitions may not be strong enough to overcome desire.

Evelyn Parrish is ready to climb the corporate ladder. And planning a company function is an important rung, even if she’s reeling from a breakup. The arrogant but handsome Devlin might just be the distraction she needs… unless they get caught.

When their one-night fling develops into true attraction, it gets harder to keep their distance. Rules weren’t made to be broken, but maybe they can be amended. Is their connection worth risking their jobs if it leads to true love?

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