Devil Incarnate: Reaper by Sarah Zolton Arthur


It’s time to fear the reaper…

For a club that’s supposed to be going legit, the members of The Bedlam Horde keep getting into some pretty serious scrapes. Maybe it’s because they’re trying to go legit that they’re faced with so much pushback.


Dusty Brand is made to be a biker’s old lady. She’s smart, sultry as hell, and just gets the life.

I would’ve claimed her as mine years ago if not for her judgemental family and the ghost of the woman I once loved playing with my mind.

I couldn’t save Angela, so how do I think he can keep Dusty safe?

Imagine the trouble it causes when I not only find out Angela is alive but is in desperate need of my help.


Everything that is Reaper is everything that I shouldn’t want.

I’m a professional, after all. A Physician’s Assistant with a practice of my own.

He’s too big, too brash, too larger than life.

Too biker.

We’ve gotten to know each other well over the months I’ve been the unofficial club PA and I’m the one who helps the women who arrive at the safehouse.

But it’s when we take off to follow a lead on a missing woman that things really heat up.

Danger and chemistry.

All the schooling in the world can’t prepare me for a man like Reap.

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