Deliciously Devious by Piper Malone


When Leo Cusano is recruited to host a Beachside-themed Halloween murder-mystery event, he nearly flatlines. Leo’s love for costumes and festive role-play isn’t enough to revive his faltering spirit. The pressure of finding a location for his dessert bar, crafting delicious sweet treats, and training two rambunctious puppies has Leo drenched in a sinister funk.

Arie has no choice but to resurrect her sexy handyman from crabby beast to cosplay hunk. Arie volunteers Leo (and his entire family) to create the murder mystery extravaganza–for Beachside, of course!

As they adapt Leo’s favorite Darren Alonso novel into an over-the-top murderous romp, Leo and Arie face a terrifying specter . . . neither of them has cast the three-word enchantment that could bond them for a lifetime. Which will be easier: figuring out which Cusano family member to sacrifice in the name of campy community theater or being the first one to say, I love you?

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