Deceptive Engagement by Erica Frost


A fake engagement to my billionaire boss was the last thing I wanted.

Adulting is hard.

Especially when your first boss out of college is an arrogant heartthrob, who pretends he’s your fiance.

I don’t know what Fynn’s thinking.

We hate each other.

I’m shy, hard-working, and an introvert.

Fynn’s a womanizer, who always gets what he wants.

Now, he wants to add me to his extensive collection of conquests.

I won’t fall for his charm.

Or so I think.

Because the more time I spend with him, the harder it is to continue hating him.

Soon, I can’t resist his hot lips and strong hands.

I want to tear off his fine suits.

Run my nails over his muscular body.

I can’t get this suave Alpha out of my head.

If I’m not careful, I’ll end up falling for my fake fiance.

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