Day Shift by M. D. Dalrymple


An officer. His beautiful wife. And the blonde bombshell who’s obsessed.

Officer Ramon Garza seems to have it all – a beautiful wife who’s his one true love, a family, a great job on the police force.

But when a hot victim comes onto him after a routine call, and comes on hard, Officer Garza must make a decision about the direction of his life. And that direction means keeping the chaos of policing from his wife and family. And he relies on his brothers in blue to help when he’s on patrol.

He wants everything in his home to remain just as pure as the streets are gritty.

Only he doesn’t know what this bombshell will do to have him, and the rough nature of his work threatens to touch his home.Can he take that chance? Who could it hurt?

Ramon is caught between desire and his duty to protect the streets. And when the blonde bombshell strikes at the heart of Ramon and tries to attack his wife and kids, Ramon’s mind is easily made up. He will sacrifice anything so his family survives when the dangers of his job hit too close to home.

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