Dark Mafia Queen by Penelope Wylde


The four mafia kings of Chicago saved me from death. Brought me into their world and taught me not all is as it seems.

They’re ruthless. They’re beasts. Incapable of love.

Yet these corrupt kings live to grant my every wish and desire, but I have only one.

Yet they refuse to give me my freedom. To let me go.

And the deeper I fall into their corrupt world the more I learn I’m not the only one wearing a mask. There are secrets and shadows much deadlier than the men whispering possessive promises to me in the dark. Four powerful, feared men want me as their queen of the underworld and I’m afraid I won’t refuse their wishes much longer.

Question is, will I follow through with my plan, or will I let my enemies claim me as their queen of the underworld?

Dark Mafia Queen is the second and final book of the Dark Mafia Reverse Harem Romance Duet and should be read after Dark Mafia Kings.

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