Daniel by Haley Travis


Maybe you’ve heard of my sweet, romantic hometown.

You know, the one that overdoes Christmas to a crazy degree.

Holly Valley.

There are even old wives’ tales of people falling in love over the holidays. After years of thinking that was ridiculous, now I have to wonder.

My epiphany while flying home was solidified when I heard about a new girl moving to town. From the second I saw her face, I knew this sexy, creative young woman was… Mine.

My hands had never held anything as precious as her luscious, curvy body. I’d never heard a voice so light and sweet. Yeah, it sounds a bit obsessive, but that’s the way the sugar cookie crumbles.

So what if I’m a total stranger, and she’s afraid of my family’s status in town? I’ll find a way to convince her that she belongs in my arms, and I belong to her.

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