Dangerously Scrooged by TJ Finn


Willow hated the holidays. Nothing good ever happened to her during the holidays and she was not going to stick around the small town of Grady, Illinois while the whole town looked like it was Santa’s second home. All the lights, decorations and good cheer thrown her way only reminded her of what she’d lost. But could she make it out in time?

Sheriff Max Tucker was a man with a past who had lost everything that ever mattered to him. But he built a new life and a new pack in Grady. Now, he’s set his sights on Willow McAfferty, his best friend’s little sister. She should be off-limits, but neither he nor his wolf can stay away. Now, it’s the holidays and there’s only one person he wants to share it with.

Will the ghosts of Christmas past threaten their happiness or will they finally find the love they’d been searching for?

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