Dangerously Cursed by TJ Finn


All Luca ever wanted was the American dream. Even as a witch, she wanted a quiet, normal life with the man she loved, 2.5 children, a home of her own and to run her bookstore/tea shop. She thought she was on the verge of having it all but the man she loved had other plans. Plans that didn’t include her.

Living in a small town in the middle of nowhere had never been Quinn’s idea of the perfect life. The only thing that kept him in Grady, Illinois, was a witch with a wicked sense of humor and haunting violet eyes. For Luca, he’d live anywhere.

When his father, beta of the local wolf pack, pushed Quinn about finding his true mate, Quinn refused, arguing that he didn’t care if Luca wasn’t his true mate. He still loved her. His father pushed harder and Quinn broke things off with Luca before leaving town for good.

Or so he thought.

Now he’s back in town to get Luca to lift the curse she put on him the day he left. A curse that prevented him from finding his mate. But Luca didn’t put a curse on him…or did she? Can she fix something she didn’t remember doing or will these two star-crossed lovers stay apart for good?

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